Frequently Asked Questions for Greece 2020


What are the dates?

The official dates are May 2nd-May 9th,2020 but you will want to leave on May 1st, as the time change will have you arrive on the 2nd.

What meals are included in my package?

A breakfast buffet at both hotels are included with your package. We will also have a special good-bye dinner which will be included on your last night. 

Why is there a monthly payment?

The vendors we are working with have deadlines as to when they expect payment. In order to ensure they get paid in a timely manner we have to set forth a monthly payment plan.

What is included in the package vs not included?

The package , ground transportation to and from all tours/excursions and airports and any food mentioned when off the hotel grounds. The package does NOT include flight, any food not mentioned, and travel insurance or the city tax.

I see the price is based on double occupancy. I do not have someone to book with, what do I do?

Although this trip will not accommodate any solo travelers, if you would like to go, we can try and pair you up with another traveler who is also booking by themselves. This is  a great opportunity to make new friends. If there is not another solo traveler or you are not comfortable with booking with someone you do not know, you should probably try looking for someone you know to book with you. 

What is the airport code to fly into?

The airport code is ATH for Athens, and JTR for Santorini

My booking partner can no longer go, but I have someone else. Can we do a name change?

When it comes to the hotel and tours that is booked through us, yes. Just kindly send an email, text, or phone call and we will make the necessary adjustments. If they have already booked their flight, you must contact the airline to see what their policy is on name changes. 

What is the refund policy?

Things happen in life and we understand. However, unfortunately, since we are working with vendors with deadlines, we are unable to process any refunds.

How does the VIP Photo Shoot work?

Once you book the photo shoot, ladies, I will send over a catalog for you to pick out your dress. Yes, the dress is included in the package cost. And yes, there is plus size dresses available. We will have a driver pick us up and take us to the location for the shoot. From there, we will enjoy the beautiful scenery! 


What happens if I miss the deadline for a payment?

Please alert us if you will be late making a payment. There will only be room for one late payment to be made. We will then make an arrangement for the new due date for that particular payment. If you do not make the payment on the arranged payment due date, your package will be canceled. If you are late for more than one payment, there will be a $50 late fee added to your final balance for every late payment after your one time courtesy late payment.  Due to the refund policy (see above) there will be no refunds if the package is canceled. 

Who do I contact?

You can call, text, or email Quanna Bush at: 585-851-8346 and or Andrew Bush at: 585-622-8971 and at any time with additional questions or concerns. 

Additional Information

Why should I use a travel agent?


Even in the age of online booking, travel agents are a great source of information and discounts. A travel agent can make sure that your trip is tailored to you, assist you in case of unexpected problems, and help you anticipate potential issues in advance.

In need of a passport?


Follow the link to the .gov site and learn about how to obtain a government issued passport.

Do you book group travel?


Yes! Do you have an upcoming conference for your business or a student trip? We can handle the details and ensure that you have access to group seating, entrances, and discounts.